Goddess Ink
Goddess books for the heart and mind.

Women & Mythology
Association for the Study of Women and Mythology. Goddess-focussed.

Institute of Archaeomythology
The Institute of Archaeomythology (continuing the work of Marija Gimbutas). Open access to the Journal of Archaeomythology.

Rebecca D’arcy
Brighton-based Interfaith & Goddess activities, including Workshops on Egyptian Mysteries & the Divine Feminine.

Ariadne Institute
Educational Goddess pilgrimages to Crete with Carol Christ.

Katinka Soetens
Katinka Soetens is a Priestess of Avalon serving the Divine Feminine of this land and the Universal Goddess.

Susun Weed
Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way.

Karen Tate – Voices of the Sacred Feminine
Voices of the Sacred Feminine internet radio.

Portals to the Self: A Women’s Circle by the Sea
Women’s retreats on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, an island sacred to Ixchel, the Mayan Moon Goddess and historically a place for healing rituals among the Mayan people.

Brighid Goddess and Saint
This beautiful site is a great resource – and is by our excellent printer, Paul Williment.

Wicca’s Atelier
Wicca (real first name) is a Wiccan High Priestess and founder/teacher of the Swiss Wicca School. She creates her own magical oils and brews and makes silver jewellery. The website is to inform Swiss-Austrian and German-speaking people about Wiccan traditions, beliefs, and witchcraft in general and there is also an online shop.

Fellowship of Isis
Central, global website of the Fellowship of Isis.

Ama Menec
Sculptures of Goddesses from around the world including Greece, Turkey, Japan, Egypt and Britain, from small to life sized, for home, altar, garden and grove.

Harita Meenee
The homepage of Harita Meenee, in both Greek and English. Harita is a scholar of the classical world and researcher in women’s studies. There are some fascinating articles here!

Motherpeace Tarot
Needing no introduction,this famous round tarot deck celebrates the power of the Goddess and illuminates wisdom from a variety of cultures and from the earth herself.

“Discover the world of Women’s Spirituality.”
The Moon Diary, Moon Cycle Wall Chart, Moon Magic cards, Moon Rites book and book marks bring you the world of Lunar Lore, Moon Stories of many cultures and ideas for simple but powerful ritual.

Daniel Cohen
Daniel is a storyteller and mythmaker and is the former editor of the Goddess-centred magazine Wood and Water. His website contains most of his articles and reviews that were published in Wood and Water and elsewhere, and a selection of his stories.

Poppy Palin
Tattoo Artist, Author, Illustrator, Singer and Soul-Poet.

Dor Dama Press
Books on the Goddess by writers such as Monica Sjöö, Jill Smith & Cheryl Straffon.

The Glastonbury Lammas Goddess Conference

Kathy Jones
The Goddess in Glastonbury

Glastonbury Goddess Temple

The Isle of Avalon Foundation
courses and trainings in spiritual, metaphysical, healing and personal-growth subjects.

Goddess Pages
A journal of Goddess spirituality in the 21st Century!

We’moon is not just a calendar, it’s a way of life…

Sounds & Furies Productions
Workshops, retreats & special events in BC Canada & elesewhere for women

Z.Budapest Online
Goddess 3000 Festival & books by Z

Suppressed Histories Archives
International women’s studies by Max Dashu

Goddess Mandala
Ancient visions of the Great Goddess by Sid Reger

Asphodel Long
Goddess activist, writer, teacher, feminist theologan

Crossroads Lyceum
Fellowship of Isis correspondence specialising in Priestess training

The Beltane Papers
A journal of women’s mysteries

Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance
Awakening spirituality through movement and ritual

Jill Smith
Goddess artist, writer and performer

Spirit Fire Festival
SpiritFire is a community gathering dedicated to peace through exploring the unity of mind, body and spirit and each other.

Friends of Bride’s Mound
A Glastonbury site where Bride (or St Brigit) is said to have lived.