About GA!

A magazine of Goddess celebration with news, research, artwork, photos, personal experiences and ritual, that aims to reflect the diverse community of Goddess spirituality reclaimed from the past and alive in the world today. The magazine is primarily British-oriented, but also aims to include Goddess articles, news and events from around the world.

This issue of GA! marks 15 years since the magazine was launched in the year 2001, and is the last issue, at least in its present form. At that time, the then co-editor Sheila Bright and I felt that a magazine was needed to reflect the diverse community of Goddess spirituality, primarily in Britain, but also in the USA and the rest of the world; and also to provide a focus and a network for  those Goddess-celebrating people who were not part of any larger community. After the demise of ‘From the Flames’ magazine in the UK in the 1990s, and the infrequent appearance of ‘Goddessing Regenerated’ magazine in the USA (which was to close shortly afterwards) we were acutely aware that there was a vacuum in the Goddess press that needed to be filled. We took what  was then a bold decision to have it printed in colour, which was a costly process, and in the early days involved us printing by hand and refilling colour ink cartridges, an exhausting and time-consuming task. Salvation came in the shape of printer Paul Williment, a Goddess-celebrating man who took over the printing for us at a special low rate, and has supported the magazine ever since.

During those 15 years, Sheila left as co-editor and I continued with it. I always knew that it was going to be a labour of love, and that it was never going to sell massive number of copies, but as long as it at least broke even I was happy to continue with it. But in those 15 years there have been a lot of changes. The growth of the Internet has meant that so much is now readily available there for free, and small independently produced magazines are becoming an anachronism. In addition, next year I reach 70 years of age, my health is not what it once was, and I want to ease off a bit. My partner and I are planing to spend all of next Summer in Crete, and it will be very difficult to produce the magazine from there. So, all in all, it seems like a good time to take a break, and ease down a bit with my commitments.

In the first editorial we said: “The Goddess community at the beginnining of the 21st century CE is a strong and vibrant one, if scattered. There are a few occasions when some members of this diverse community gather on a regular basis …. and there are equally an unknown number of women and men celebrating the Goddess in their own personal and individual ways, either creatively through their art and craft work, or in ritual and ceremony, or in their own lives. Sometimes small groups come together, for courses, workshops and celebration, and the whole Goddess  movement grows very organically. This seems a good way for the Goddess: a way in which each of us touch someone else and are touched by others; a way in which each of us have a different path and a different journey to and with the Goddess; a way in which we can each find what aspect of the Goddess works best for us in our lives and our spiritual paths. There is no one right way to  celebrate Her, understand Her, or integrate Her into ourselves. And this is what makes the Goddess faith or belief so different from the last few thousand years of patriarchal religions”.

GA! has tried to hold to those principles throughout its 15 years of operation, and we have had contributions to the magazine from many, if not most, of the writers, facilitators and participants in the Goddess community throughout the world. We have tried to produce original material, that is fresh and new, and above all interesting and exciting. We hope that in some small way, we have touched the lives of all our faithful subscribers and readers over the years, and we leave with a sense of how the Goddess community has thrived and grown over that time. We would recommend to all our readers the on-line xine Goddess Pages for continuing articles, poetry and reviews. And finally, we leave with a big Thank You to all who have contributed to GA! in so many different ways over the years. Without you all there would have been no Goddess Alive!