Welcome to Goddess Alive!

Cheryl at Hera’s altar at the Iraion on Samos

Welcome to Goddess Alive! This UK-based printed magazine of Goddess celebration and research was produced twice a year for 15 years from 2001 to 2016. It also had an on-line website that featured a number of key articles from each issue of the magazine.

When the magazine finished, and its web-site closed, Geraldine Charles (who had been web manager of its on-line web site) very kindly offered to preserve the contents listing and the key articles from the 30 issues of the magazine in her Goddess Pages web site. Without her willingness and enthusiasm to do this, these articles would have been lost from on-line access forever, so my grateful thanks go to her for facilitating this.

I hope that you will enjoy accessing and reading some of these articles, and if you want to contact me about anything to do with Goddess
Alive! there’s a contact form here.