Wild Earth

Be her
She can’t use too much more
of your carbon-loaded air

Sweet pea blossoms float through Eden Song
almost bucolic
       like grass

River is a dark
wet wanderer
under a wild night sky

Roots grow
lake shines
water spreads over stone

Beetle climbs garden wall
lichens thrive in frost
mountain murmurs:

       Come love this rainfall
       Walk with animal soul

Will you bee my sweet
blue peace
between dusk and a thrush?

Ask squirrel about community
If you follow winter to summer
sun makes a blackberry season

Lonely lake frog: I am
       above moss
where sun fruits berries

Nature wilds salmon
       waterpaths their rosy sheen
still worlding us

Stones grow secret soul seeds
       Would squirrel
make his season more beautiful?

Be in the frost-thick night
        a light spring rain
as only every vine has longed for

Wet moon murmurs on trees
      animal peace
Hear the wet between leaves

Where wildlife volunteers
      we gentle together
could almost know sustainable love

Dusk—warm mountain cloud
     is deep with wind

Who will wander over rock
      plumb root song
bloom forest green poetry into summer?

Follow dawn beetle
       up grass, over tendril
through lichen sanctuary to storm drain

Do one sublime action:   thrive

      does no thing
but we

Walk listening
Know a secret sparrow

No one should have to ask for
water  light  air

Behold bee-life honeying

Fall with rain
cycle with dying salmon

Follow frog stream to lichen couch
Winter is a frosty witherer—
pure cold home for lonely rocks

Wander further

Beautiful deep long roots
pulse under a moss-sprung forest

Squirrel up for dawn fun

        Could you love one tree?