Gaia writes:  Free! is one of my very first original paintings. I am stripped of the clothes of family, religion and society’s conditioning and expectations. I am naked like a newborn excited about a new life and a new world. I feel free, full of vitality and ready for infinite possibilities. Being an artist and opening up on the spiritual path brought me much joy, confidence, and freedom.

About Gaia

Gaia explores healing and spiritual art themes that manifest in symbolic and archetypal images in her artwork. These images arise from her quest to understand life and her interest in ancient and sacred art.

With her creativity she has found her way of sharing with the world and connecting deeply with people.

Focusing on living a simple and healthy life allows Gaia the time and space to be sensitive and express the inspiration that arises.

Gaia originally hails from Paris, France, where she studied and graduated with honour as an architect from Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1997. Gaia, along with her husband and three young children, reside north of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) by a river in the bush!