Two swans - photo by Rachael Clyne

That’s what it is!
I’ve been fogbound
my senses blanketed
mind limbs
leaden with slumber
I feel aliveness
to the fingertips
of my awareness
waking from
torpor deadness
clogging my veins
vagueness crippling
my thoughts decisions

I’m seeing
the crisp night sky beyond
my cosy purring nest
countless clarity of stars
the buzzy chill
of oxygen
cursing through
blood muscle

Veils of
sloth greyness
energy returning
slipping off the
chitinous carapace
of dead self

I await the
molten gold
of your arrows
Imbolc flame
melt me
pour me
into your crucible
on your anvil
hammer me
into my new shape

And tomorrow
we will gather
by springs and wells
to honour and kindle your
bright Brighid light
welcome the
snow petals
soft gilded sunburst
into our heart

©Rachael Clyne, 2008