Sanndi has always had an interest in the mystical realm of mermaids, goddesses, angels, etc. The mystical side of life and the beauty of nature often served as muses for her art. Then a few years ago when Sanndi discovered bellydance a whole new muse was born! Sanndi felt it needed to be expressed through painting due to its vivid colors, exotic costumes, and the passion and mystery that emanated from the dance. Not only was bellydanceinspiring to paint but very soul fullfilling as well. Sanndi found bellydance gets you in tune with your body and all of the fabulous curves we have as women! Many of the moves focus on the abdomen muscles and the hips and are very empowering to experience. Sanndi feels the art of bellydancing really gets you in touch with your own inner goddess, most definitely! This ancient dance continues to inspire Sanndi with many creative images for future paintings.

Other subjects for Sanndi's art include mermaids or other ethereal-type women depicted in nature. Sanndi often enjoys sitting outdoors to paint, where she can feel the spirits of nature in the flowers and plants surrounding her. Her choice of medium is often watercolors or markers.

Sanndi started her company, Sanndi Art, in 2009 and began selling prints of her art online and in person as a vendor at various bellydance shows in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from her prints she also incoporates her art on hand-crafted keepsake boxes and on Christmas ornaments.Future projects include her own line of greeting cards and possibly a Tarot Card Deck. SanndiArt has been featured in several dance magazines in the U.S.

Sanndi hopes her art will inspire women to feel joy within their bodies and maybe even take a dance class! It doesn't matter what kind of dance class, JUST DANCE!(it truly is good for the soul!) Sanndi is a long-time native of Georgia, (a true southerner!). She currently resides in a small town away from Atlanta where it is quiet and she can paint outdoors and commune with nature.

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