This issue's cover image is by Sophia Breillat, a writer, artist and astrologer. Named Earth Air Water Fire the painting is from Sophia's "Glimpses of Nature" gallery, in which she writes about this image:

Earth giving sustenance and fertility
Air giving lightness of being
Water giving softness and fluidity
Fire giving vibrance and warmth
All giving life

More about Sophia

Sophia is a wise woman who lives, writes and paints from the heart... Through the enriching inner transformation given by her life experiences she helps many women all over the world to accept, enjoy and and trust the intuitive wisdom and mysterious depth of the feminine psyche.

Through her many inspiring articles Sophia encourages women to align with the inherent ebb and flow of the female mystery and the inherent rhythm of the earth... She offers wise guidance, mentoring and counseling for menstruation, adolescence, lovemaking, relationships, pregnancy, birthing, parenting, menopause and beyond.

Her unique art embraces the sacredness of the feminine spirit and the spirit of the earth... Her beautiful paintings are alive with a glorious profusion of flowing lines, vibrant colours and ancient symbols... These powerful images emanate a mystical and mythical quality that reflects a deep sense of stillness, joy and peace.

Sophia’s website is a sacred space of loving truth and wisdom that supports women during their journey into wholeness and healing... It is a creative offering of inspiring words and powerful images that nurture the awakening  of the female essence and embody the earth’s transformational cycles of life, replenishment and renewal.

Sophia is widely acknowledged as a powerful, courageous and honest writer who dares to bring unspoken words and hidden secrets into the light for healing... Many people are challenged, inspired and deeply touched by the perceptive insights of her writing, which brings the ancient truth and mystery of woman and the earth into the marketplace of contemporary society.

Sophia creates natal horoscopes for adults, newborn babies and children of ages... These readings are beautifully illustrated and intuitively aligned with the spiritual essence of her clients... Her perceptive astrological counseling consultations and her wise woman menopausal mentoring consultations offer deep insight, conscious guidance and the opportunity for real transformation.

Her training includes reconnective healing, intuitive massage, primal therapy, counseling skills, astrology, writing, art and design, instructional skills and training program design... She has facilitated many inspiring and creative courses and workshops that embrace a vast array of subjects.

Sophia is currently writing a series of books that nurture and honour the natural rhythms of the female body and psyche... They are an inspiring offering of wisdom, support and healing that invites women to enjoy the power of female wildness, the depth of female wisdom and the sacredness of female truth.

Her articles, paintings and poetry are featured throughout many websites and magazines in the U.K., U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Canada and Serbia... An expansive selection of her prolific art, writing excerpts and poetry can be viewed on her website. You can email Sophia by clicking here.