"Crossroads", by Jenna GreeneCrossroads is the debut album of Jenna Green - a collection of original songs.  The songs tell stories of inner searching, finding solutions and solace through nature, the wisdom of the ancients, mystery and inner strength.

Jenna’s web site describes her as “a Celtic singer-songwriter and harpist, a weaver of myth and magic. Her songs are inspired by the essence of ancient lore.”  Jenna performs over the North East U.S.

Jenna celebrates the earth, nature and the turning of the seasons with thoughtful, poetic story-songs, incantations and chants. Most songs are acoustic with a traditional feel.  There is certainly an Irish influence in much of the music with the most common instruments being harp, guitar, bodhran and fiddle.  The album cover and sleeve photographs depict Jenna clothed in medieval costume walking through ancient enchanted forests, depicting many of the song themes, where guiding deities are discovered journeying in the land of magic and faerie.

I found the album musically professional, well arranged and produced.  For me it was the more personal songs that stood out as being the most striking and original, my favourites being the title track Crossroads – a ballad with a haunting melody – at a crossroads in life, deciding on  the path less taken: “awakened I must go on”; Acceptance - “it’s a blonde tanned world and I’m a short, round girl”  - about finding your own ‘allure’ and not buying into a certain look and lifestyle;  Rise Up Singing – the most up-beat and bluesy of the songs, dedicated to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.  Legends - romantic and atmospheric – a blessing and a wish for the lover.

You can find out more about Jenna Greene and how to buy her album on www.greeneladymusic.com