She Changes Everything She Touches

Welcome to a huge issue for this spring and summer! Just as each section in the magazine shows content in random order, so in no particular order here we have stunning articles from Liz Perkins, Lesley Jackson, Susun Weed, Judith Laura, Atasha Fyfe and Keli Gingolph, not to mention a beautiful tribute to Lydia Ruyle by her niece, Katie Hoffner, and even a chart for Goddess Pages in our tenth anniversary year. We also have a fascinating interview with Julie Felix, still delighting us with her music - and still touring in her late 70s – plus another of Carolyn Lee Boyd’s wonderful short stories.

Then there’s poetry, from Lynne Sedgmore, Roz Bound, Rachael Clyne, Annelinde Metzner and Susan McCaslin – lots of favourites. A whole cornucopia of reviews to check out for your summer reading, or maybe a new card deck, from Carolyn Lee Boyd, Marilyn Steele and Wendy Stokes.

I always head these editorials “She Changes Everything She Touches” because that has certainly been true of Goddess Pages over the last decade. Nothing seems to stay the same for long and after this issue Goddess Pages will change format completely.

I started Goddess Pages because I wanted to have an eclectic mixture of all kinds of content, not just devotional or academic – and we’re open to ideas! I also wanted to showcase the amazing talent that’s out there all over the world and often right here in Glastonbury/Avalon; so many artists, poets and writers are attracted here. Recently, together with Lorraine Pickles (whose poem “Clarissa the Corn Maiden” appeared in issue 29, and whose newly-published novel,“The Lake” we hope to review soon) I started a Writers’ Group at Glastonbury Goddess House – for mutual support and encouragement, of course, but if new talent appears, so much the better!

Contrary to what some readers seem to think, particularly when complaining about some small oversight(!) Goddess Pages isn’t an organisation with sub-editors, designers and marketing staff – there’s only me. It has been sad to see so many Goddess magazines disappear over the last decade – it isn’t always easy to keep the enthusiasm going, particularly when there is also a living to earn, and no matter how much chocolate I promise myself each issue of Goddess Pages now feels like a proverbial mountain to climb every few months. The PDF magazine is the biggest task, and at 35 pages this one is the biggest for a long time: they can take three full days to complete. More frustrating, I also don’t get much writing of my own done, and that now has to change.

Rather than just keep going until I can no longer face that mountain, the future Goddess Pages will appear in more of a blog format. We will still have the same wonderful writers, poets, artists and reviewers; however the magazine won’t appear in one issue every few months but be updated much more frequently with one or two sparkling pieces. That way I can see no reason why I couldn’t continue well into my 70s and maybe beyond, provided you keep sending your work! No reason, too, why we can’t still have downloadable content, and I’m happy to produce articles and other content both online and as PDFs that can be downloaded.

Have a wonderful spring and summer,