Pussy Riot at Lobnoye Meston on Red Square in Moscow

Pussy Riot at Lobnoye Mesto on Red Square in Moscow
Photo: Denis Bocharev

We are living in incredible times, when a new wave is surging, washing over and through the old paradigm. No area of life is left untouched. Rising within this wave is the voice of the feminine, that which has been quieted, shut down and ignored is now awakening. Rumblings from the belly of the Earth mother herself, calling us to stand up and speak from our hearts. Within this rise of the feminine which can be seen through the numerous and inspiring projects emerging all over this beautiful planet, is the voice of woman. Women are rising, remembering our sacred innate connection to the Earth, reclaiming our shared voice and power as we gather in circles, round fires, in fields, woods, village halls and sitting rooms.

Together we are an undeniable force, a power as ancient as the Earth herself, together there is nothing our hearts will not achieve. Together we are changing and challenging the face of Politics, Law, Education, Community, Family life and Celebration. Helping to bring the connected heart back into our world. Girls and Women across cultures rising up, speaking out and calling for change. Each voice is an inspiration and a support to our own. We believe in each other, help each other with that next step and through each woman’s unique story is reflected the true power and beauty of woman.

What if we recognized the power of our voices and had the courage to stand up and speak out about the abuse and atrocities that we see all around us and in the wider world? What if we can heal the fear and betrayal in our cellular memory from an age-old abuse and suppression of the feminine, what would our world look like?  These are the questions that many of us are living today, the journey of reclaiming the innate power and wisdom of our voices as women.

These are not easy questions to live. In a world where corporate industry can appear as an all-powerful monster that is standing for something quite different, our individual voices can seem small and insignificant. But we do not stand alone and we are not small in number: it is my belief that the more we recognize that what we represent is vast then the sooner we will see the façade of the corporate castle begin to crumble.

In these times of great change, in every local area across our globe individuals and organizations are dedicated to creating new ways of living and relating on this Earth. Something is emerging, something that recognises our inter-connectedness, that values the subjective experience as essential to the whole, that includes the body, the emotions, and the earth and that utilises these as a guiding force. Living in a paradigm where our connection with the earth and our subjective roots and intuitive authority have been cut and severed, it is vital, with the current level of devastation and destruction on the Earth, that we reconnect to this source, reconnect to the earth, our mother beneath us and reconnect with our own deep feeling knowledge and wisdom.

When we acknowledge and recognize this feminine essence that is shared and mirrored between women and the earth, then it becomes clear that women’s liberation from the conditioning of patriarchy, the return to our natural embodied feminine wisdom, are not separate from the ecological movement, but deeply interwoven and connected.

Women are rising, waking up, and remembering the sacredness of our bodies and the wisdom that we carry in our bellies. We are saying NO MORE to the violence towards women, children, men, the blessed animals, forests and the Earth herself, IT NEEDS TO STOP, NOW. As we awaken, what is the world of our dreaming? From the place of deep connection within ourselves, of honouring life, honouring our innate cycle, our wounding as well as our gifts, from this place true alchemy is possible and a new world is waiting to be born…