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Women’s Spirituality – Ushering in the Sacred Feminine

Because I’m a woman and my body has taught me this, I take the view that life on this planet moves in cycles. There are Lunar cycles, Solar cycles and cycles that take thousands of years. We have our own personal development cycles and we are also always involved with the collective cycle.In modern Western culture, I believe, we are at a stage in the present cycle where weare once again ushering in the Sacred Feminine. In a culture where spirituality (if it’s considered at all) is still only equated with masculine values, we are being asked to be the birth canal for Women’s Spirituality in this country.

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Matriarchal Spirituality, Past and Present

Non-patriarchal societies have different social structures than patriarchal ones; these structures distinguished by certain characteristics that are called “matriarchal”. In no way do they validate the common misapprehension that women have the last word in matriarchies, or that they rule over others. No serious researcher has ever expressed anything like this. Instead, these prejudices reflect the unexamined assumption that matriarchal societies would be organised just like patriarchal ones, but with women, instead of men, in the central roles.

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Book Review: Three Goddess Classics

Well, crap. I feel angry. I can’t help but wonder what the costs are for women and men to live without the Goddess and Her sacred images that have underpinned religious impulses for 30,000 years. So, I’m developing a winter reading list to curl in front of the fire with, to establish some groundwork to move past the problem (unproductive anger) and into the solution. Though we still survive in a patriarchy, somehow the essential song of Goddess consistently and forever beckons us forward … in rainstorms, in laughter, through intuition, in poetry, pictures, in the wind and the moon… I love to search for Goddess and Essences of Goddess in archetypal images, because all things that thrive were first alive as archetype and image, and I like to know what’s swimming around, waiting to be born. And, we need Her!

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Earth Pathways 2009, We’Moon ’09, and We’Moon on the Wall 2009

I was not aware of the new Earth Pathways diary until several people described it to me as the ‘British We’Moon’. I have been buying the We’Moon diaries for many years so I was intrigued to find out what Earth Pathways was all about. I will begin by saying that Earth Pathways is not the ‘British We’Moon’ and if you buy it thinking that it will be you may be very disappointed. Nevertheless Earth Pathways is both a beautiful idea and a beautiful diary and should be enjoyed on those grounds alone.

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Gwen Davies’ Lunar Calendar 2009

I have here a wonderful, exuberant wall calendar for 2009, and can hardly wait until then to put it on the wall.  Really, the pictures on line don’t, and can’t do it justice – what I have looks hand-made, with glowing colours and flowers almost jumping off the page.  It’s practical, as well, with all the moon phases shown, plus the year’s festivals and even weekends marked in.  I’ve often found lunar calendars difficult to follow with my left-brain bias but this one is very usable and has enough space to mark extra events.

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Re-Visioning Mythologies of Gender/Sex

“Gender” might be described as “one’s perception of oneself” as being either female or male, and “sex” as “the physical appearance of one’s body” as either female or male1. The “sex” of a body is commonly understood necessarily to be able to fall into one or the other designation, and if it does not then life, within many cultures, is almost certain to be traumatic for the being involved.

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Kellianna: I Walk With the Goddess

At last year’s Glastonbury Goddess Conference I was lucky enough to be introduced to the music of Julie Felix, and came home with her album, I Walk with Beauty. This year’s Conference did not disappoint either as I had the opportunity to attend Kellianna’s workshop, and came home with her album I Walk with the Goddess. The ten tracks on the album reflect a variety of influences to my untrained ear, including Celtic, Gospel and Country styles

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Perturbed, the old king gave you all he had;
ransacked the market place for leathern boots
and finest mounts; discussed the merits of
his camels, elephants, perhaps on horse?

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The Wise Woman Tradition Empowers Women

The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest known healing tradition on our planet. It offers a unique view of health that is woman-centered and deeply empowering to women. This is in stark contrast to orthodox – and most alternative – healing traditions, which are based on male viewpoints which disempower women.

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura