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While living in the USA in the seventies I discovered an old art form which consisted of painting on shelf fungi (ganoderma applanatum, which grow to a very large size in the forests of the Eastern US). The oldest example I saw was of naive art dated 1890 so I knew they lasted once taken from the tree and thoroughly dried out.


Amazing Artemisias

Artemis – Goddess of the herbalist – gives her name to a genus of marvelously aromatic, safely psychedelic, highly medicinal, dazzlingly decorative, and more-or-less edible plants in the Asteraceae family. I love Artemis, and I love her plants.

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Balancing on Air

“Yeah, but what about balance?” I’ve been asked that question many times, sometimes even stopped in the street or interrupted in the middle of a talk. The questioner no longer needs to explain what he – or occasionally she – means: a belief that it is wrong to work only with goddess, “excluding” the god. 

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Embracing the Feminine Consciousness: A Revolution of Thought

People turn to religion in times of chaos.  No doubt when St. Paul was run out of Ephesus, lucky to be alive after he tried to turn the masses away from their beloved Goddess Artemis, he must have had his doubts if Christianity would ever stick.  Likewise for St. Thomas in 72 CE when he saw an apparition of the Indian Goddess Kali in Calcutta, as he tried to convert the heathens.

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Mythology, Menstruation and the “Woman with the Issue of Blood”

Concern from the Vatican about environmental issues has been in the news lately. The ‘seven deadly sins’ have been updated to include environmental pollution and during his American visit the Pope repeatedly spoke of his concerns about damage to the environment. In July, on his Australian tour, “his holiness” recycled his speech on this topic once more.

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The Chronicles of Baubo Biggins

I send this missive to you after being inspired by Karen Tate’s lovely book Walking An Ancient Path. My memory was jogged and two tales of epiphany came spilling back which I have vowed to share with you one and all.

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The Song of Iseult

I am the green of grass the red of flame the blue of water
the yellow of bone.  The orange of sunlight the purple of ling
the indigo of moonlight on the old quartz stone.

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The Liberation of Surrender

Writing my current new book, Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth, required that I look back over years of happiness, sadness, revelations, success, disappointment and patterns.  One of those patterns was my relationship with surrender and my belief in universal wisdom.

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura