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Lisa writes: “My art emerges entirely from my imagination and is drawn from the deep well of myth and folklore and from the natural world.

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Baba Yaga Stories

Who is Baba Yaga? She is the Goddess, she is the Witch, she is the Wise Woman, she is the Crone, she is aged Artemis.
Baba is Grandmother. In Tibet, fierce demons are Yagas. So she is the Grandmother Demon, Grandmother Dragon, the fearsome, the fierce. Baba Yaga is the subject of many Russian folk tales or fairy tales. She is very very old.

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The old forms are still there, but look closely.
Aphrodite, cast in plaster and gold leaf
lies on a dusty backroom shelf  in a back-country store.

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Black Madonnas

These statues or paintings are usually described by the Roman Catholic authorities as images of the Blessed Virgin Mary depicted with a dark or black skin.

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“The Goddess in Glastonbury at Samhain”: a film directed by Kathy Jones

This DVD was filmed in 1989 at Samhain, marking the special time of year when the veils between this world and the otherworld are thin and the dark Goddess is visible in the land. This film is a rare and visionary treasure for all Goddess-loving people who want to experience her nature in the mystical landscape of Glastonbury-Avalon. In 90 minutes, it weaves a tapestry of myth, storytelling, stunningly intense scenes of ceremony and ritual dance, landscape impressions, and scholarly explorations of the nature of the Goddess.

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Bloody Women! A Magical Experience of the Menstrual Cycle

For many years I have been interested in the connection between women’s menstrual cycles and the phases of the Moon.
Being a Priestess of the Goddess I have found myself working with both – and exploring the mysteries and magic of this time in a woman’s yearly cycle. I have researched ideas and activities and looked at the attitude towards menstruation generally.

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“Thirteen Moons (Conversations with the Goddess)” by Peter Knight

I struggled with this book from the start, being very unsure for what readership it is intended.
The cover notes state that ‘incredibly’ the book is semi-autobiographical, but the format left me confused.  It is written in the first person, but I wasn’t clear as to whether it is the author’s personal experience; or a work of fiction on which to hang his own ideas.  For me, as half one, half the other, it doesn’t work.

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Even Queens need a Fairy Godmother

Maiden, mother, crone – it used to make a simple framework for women’s lives. We learned to tweak it to recognise and respect the place of women whose mothering phase was not occupied by childbearing, but by other forms of creativity.

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Rhea – Goddess of the Flow

Rhea (the flow) is a little known Greek Goddess in spite of being described as mother of them all. Most famously she is the mother of Zeus, the boss God of Classical Greece. She was supposed to have hidden him from his father Cronos who wanted to eat him up like his other children. The hiding place was the Idean cave on Crete which gives us a clue as to her origins.

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The Meanings of Goddess – Part 3

They have lost sight of the Mystery.
For at least twenty years the Goddess movement has been assailed as “essentialist” by post-modernist theorists. They mean that an innate female essence is being claimed, in a biological determinism and rigid gender categorization. Alison Stone is not alone in noting that “within academic writing the charge of essentialism is used in a very adversarial way, as an allegation of the worst crime.”

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura