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Rosie Elflain: Soul Music (CD)

Rosie began to write songs following her self-initiation as a Priestess of Avalon in 2003 and ‘Soul Music’ is the culmination of that wellspring of creativity. The cover of the CD is adorned with beautiful butterflies in flight and is a perfect symbol of the transformative power that the Goddess can have in our lives, unleashing our creativity and giving us the confidence to share it with others, as Rosie has here.

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Sophia came by today
I stumbled with my usual awkward words with him
Her tears ever flowing from my eyes
The same eyes I painted on the Holy Mother yesterday

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Not Right: Part 1

A search of the internet for ‘the nature of language’ or ‘the nature of consciousness’ reveals a somewhat paradoxical fluency: commonplace concepts of familiar realities are confidently and more-or-less deftly handled, albeit that (apparently) we do not even begin to properly understand the nature of what is conceived of.

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Eating the Flesh of the Goddess: Demeter and the “Bread of Life”

Strange as it may sound today, religion and food were once intimately connected. Ensuring adequate provisions for survival has been a major concern since the dawn of humanity. Since all food ultimately comes from the Earth, it came to be regarded as a generous Mother Goddess who nourishes her offspring, human or otherwise. As such, she had to be propitiated and thanked, in order to continue providing. It is barely stretching the imagination to think that rituals and offerings may have first been invented for this purpose.

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“Daughters of the Earth”, by Cheryl Straffon

‘Daughters of the Earth’ is the latest offering from the prolific Cheryl Straffon, editor of ‘Goddess Alive!’ and ‘Meyn Mamvro’ magazines and author of books such as ‘The Earth Goddess’ and ‘Pagan Cornwall – Land of the Goddess’. This new offering is a wonderful addition to these, pulling together many of the ideas contained within them and bringing fresh insight and understanding.

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Inanna Day at the British Museum: 12th May 2007

Organised by the Department of the Middle East, and hosted by the irrepressible and ever-amusing Dr Irving Finkel, Inanna Day at the British Museum was a joy from beginning to end, combining academic research, beautiful objects, humour, and the always lovely feeling that we who celebrate the Goddess may not be so far out of the mainstream as we often think. I certainly recognised many people in the full auditorium!

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Salome re-awakens: Beltane at the Temple of Venus in Sicily

In western Sicily, perched high on a steep mountain called Erice, once stood a magnificent and illustrious temple dedicated to the Goddess of Love, known successively as Astarte by the Phoenicians, Aphrodite by the Greeks, and Venus by the Romans. This temple stood for over a thousand years and a sacred fire always burnt from its enclosure, so brightly that sailors used it as a guiding beacon. It was here that the Priestesses of Venus served the Goddess with their bodies through the art of sacred prostitution, a spiritual practice that included the celebration of the sacred marriage rite. Today, sparse remains of this remarkable temple can be found in the Castello di Venere, a twelfth-century Norman castle incorporating some of the original foundations.

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The Archetype of the Womb – Part II

Fascinating artifacts depicting beliefs about the Archetype of the Womb are bread ovens created in the shape of a pregnant human uterus, images of female hips as wide, encircling alchemical ovens and temples of worship that contain bread ovens as a focal point.

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Temple of the Moon Goddess CD

I came across this album through a friend who knows of my interest in anything connected to Goddess.

Being an intense type of person myself, I find this album very powerful – traversing the aspects of the Goddess both tender and fierce, beautiful and powerful, seductive and nurturing.

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura