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Seeds on the Wind

In the garden of She Who Creates, tucked into a very remote corner, grows a small, water-blue planet whose inhabitants call it “Earth.” The soil is rich but most of what grows there appears on the surface to be only straggly stems fighting each other for a place near the dim light. But yet, somehow the most spectacular blooms emerge from the planet by the billions every day.

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“Fierce Feminine Divinities of Eurasia and Latin America: Baba Yaga, Kali, Pombagira, and Santa Muerte”, by Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba.

Prof. Oleszkiewicz-Peralba, who is a professor of modern languages and literature at the University of Texas at San Antonio, opens her new book by telling us how the goddesses named in the title—and their worshippers today—are marginal and liminal. The term “liminality,” she says, referring to the work of Victor Turner, comes from two Latin words, limen (“threshold”) and limes (“limit”) “and indicates a state in between structure, which is characterized by ambiguity and ambivalence and is usually connected to marginality, inferiority [and] ritual powers” (pp. 3-4).

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Be Your Own Herbal Expert – Part 8

Honey has been regarded as a healing substance for thousands of years. Greek healers relied on honey water, vinegar water, and honey/vinegar water as their primary cures. An Egyptian medical text dated to about 2600 BCE mentions honey 500 times in 900 remedies. What makes honey so special?

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Grand Canyon Pilgrimage

“Where are you from?” they ask.
Before they tell us anything about the pottery we are admiring:
         sharp blade etching, clay essence,
         singed horsehair stain,
         Yucca leaf brushing;

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Mother Song

Two and a half years ago my mother Jean received a terminal heart diagnosis.  Since that time she & I became very close, as I helped support her to face and to prepare for her death, saying, doing and singing all the things I would want to do if I were able to be present to priestess her death but which was unlikely to happen.  [She did indeed die alone in her own bed, of a heart attack as we expected, at Lammas 2015.]  Of course this led me into preparing myself to lose her.  Mother Song came out of our shared process and my anticipatory grieving last October.  I sang it to her over the phone and recorded it for her.

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I Can Hear Them Drum: Daughters of the Moon Turns 15!

Opening Ritual. Allison calls together the flotsam gathering of royal blue-adorned women on the patio of the main hall at Piersol Group Camp at Meeman-Shelby State Forest outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  The outline forms an amoeboid shape, prompting the traditional singing of Trudy’s famous “We are a polygon, within a polygon, and we go on and on… and on and on and on…” (Sung to the common chant “We are a Circle”.)  This is Daughters of the Moon, 2014.

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Heart of Kali

You the one who Opens Hearts.  You who defy this westerner’s preconceived ideas and bring me to the ground in surrender, time after time.  Heart opening, tears flowing.  You the dark one, Kali awesome power.  

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She of the Brilliant Eyes

There I stood before the Goddess. As her timeless gaze fell upon me, I shuddered. She was a pure combination of power and gentleness. At once fierce warrior, undefeated, and gentle guardian, bestowing her love and wisdom upon her people. Beyond anything else, in that instant, I realized I was receiving an image of the feminine I had forgotten existed.

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Musings of a Shaman

A void of grating scales,
seeps electrifying purple fumes.
Tiamat’s crimson blood drips Iike jewels of Gaia.
The sound, all that is, the sound – rushing, echoing like stars both born and dead.

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Celebrating Women’s Voices

We are living in incredible times, when a new wave is surging, washing over and through the old paradigm. No area of life is left untouched. Rising within this wave is the voice of the feminine, that which has been quieted, shut down and ignored is now awakening. Rumblings from the belly of the Earth mother herself, calling us to stand up and speak from our hearts.

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura