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Brighid the Mother

My festival is Imbolc ‘in womb’ time, so besides being the Maiden, I am also the Mother who bears the burden of the coming spring.
This is my lineage. I am the daughter of the Dagda, the Good God, king of the Tuatha de Danaan, the faerie people. With them I came, blown in a magic mist across the sea to Erin . But the mist was the far-furled smoke of our ships as we burned them on the western shores of Connemara . For we pledged ourselves to that land and swore we would never turn our faces towards the sea again. And so we shared that land with the Fomorians, the ancient giant race who lived there.

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Savage Breast

When I first heard of Tim Ward’s book, my immediate reaction was hostility. For a long time, I had been talking about MY BOOK – which was in my eyes going to be the definitive work about men and the goddess. But Tim had got there first. So I was not going to read him. So there!!!
Then I was asked to write this review.

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The Goddess in the fast lane

The first time our fingers touched it was like butterflies – profound. I was busy crawling towards something, a new job…or something irretrievably forgotten on the shopping list in my jacket pocket in the lockers that sweat behind the fake palm trees near the lifeguard.

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Imbolc and Bridget

by Cheryl Straffon In rural areas, especially in the Celtic enclaves of Ireland and Scotland, a great number of customs grew up around this time, most associated with the Goddess whose festival this became, Bridget or Bride...

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Goddess at Witchfest International

On Saturday the 3rd of November Witchfest International took over Fairfield Halls in Croydon, south London for a one-day extravaganza of all things witchy. This was the 19th event of its kind to be held in Europe and the 9th at Fairfield Halls itself, the local meeting point for Children of Artemis, a non-profit organisation and the organisers behind the event.

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Let down your hair

When, in my early and mid-20s, I journeyed to the Underworld in the midst of a dark depression the urge that I most had to fight against was one to cut my hair; not to have it trimmed, or shaped, or styled to make me feel better, but to hack at it, cut chunks out of it, shave my head, make it ugly, destroy it. Somehow my hair was a symbol of my inner self and I felt that if I could make it look the way that I felt inside everyone would understand the dark place that I was in and I would never have to explain it, or hide it, again. Yet it wasn’t a considered thought, it was a barely understood visceral urge that I battled against almost every day, and I have since heard other women describe similar feelings. I think that that’s when I really started to think about hair…

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“Savage Breast”, by Tim Ward

When I first came across Tim Ward at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2006, I was very intrigued. I was at the Conference for a mere twenty-four hours, and Tim, whom I had never heard of before, was giving a presentation called A Man’s Search for the Goddessin the morning. As he delivered a very interesting talk, accompanied by slides of powerful Goddess images he had accumulated during his travels, I grew very excited. Finally a man had written a book to investigate men’s fear of women and the Goddess, and it looked as though he had journeyed intensely, both physically and metaphorically, to find some answers.

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The Computer Goddesses

Our Found Goddesses are the ones we make up. Sure, we can appeal to Aphrodite for love and Ops when our bank account is running dry and Frigga to get our house in order, but which of the traditional goddesses is in charge of computers? We Find new goddesses to deal with modern issues.

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The Halloween Festival, London

Each year two wonderful events, the Beltane Bash and the Halloween Festival, are held in London, UK, with all profits going to the purchase and preservation of Ravens Wood, a wonderful pagan ‘owned’ wood in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside, and a place where the Goddess, in Her guise as The Morrigan, is celebrated through the changing of the seasons.

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Goddess, Come

In these days when the gods of a merely recent past
Stir from their graves
Jehovah Jesus and Mohammad
Watching their devotees
Descendants of the desert fathers
Pray for Armageddon
As they battle out old patriarchal feuds

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The Meanings of Goddess – Part 1

So much confusion has been sown about goddess veneration. Resistance to seeing any sacral value in ancient female icons has been a particular sticking point in academia. There, emphasis is usually placed on theoretical frameworks that seem to ignore the sense of sacredness that pervades aboriginal cultures. And there has been fundamental misunderstanding of what the Women’s Spirituality movement means when we speak of Goddess or goddesses. These are some of my reflections on these gaps and what needs to be clarified.

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The Passion of Mary Magdalen, by Elizabeth Cunningham

We were sent this book out of the blue by Elizabeth Cunningham’s American publisher, Monkfish, and I must admit that my heart sank when I saw the title – there is so much being published about the Magdalene these days, most of it excitable polemic drawn from the Da Vinci Code and the like, or supposedly channelled direct from the lady herself (where was she for the last 2,000 years?).
Eventually I began to read … and read. I did no work, barely got myself into the office for the day job and to the microwave for the odd snack…

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The New Goddess Advocates: Who Are They?

Dan Brown’s bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, piqued the curiosity of millions of all faiths with his accounts of the Sacred Feminine. With nearly 50 million books sold, the long anticipated film version of Brown’s story hit the screen in May associated with such a hotbed of controversy the likes of which the film industry had not seen since The Passion of the Christ. With the release of The Da Vinci Code dvd, this theme of the partnership of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, and the glimpse into the true herstory of Goddess will no doubt continue to be in the hearts, minds and living rooms of millions more for sometime to come despite Church disdain for the theme.

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Imbolc 1995

The snow has gone from most of the land
and the hardness of frost,
but the mountains are still patched with white.
Brighde’s figure sleeps,
covered with the lace of her winter veil.

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The Standstill Gallery

Jill Smith's recent sequence of pictures: The Moon and the Mountain - the Standstill Journey, inspired by the 1987 lunar standstill were exhibited in the summer of 2006 at the An Lanntair Arts Centre, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis,...

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura