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“Avebury Cosmos”, by Nicholas R Mann

We’re now pretty used to the idea that many stone circles appear to have been built to align with sun and moon, even that they may have functioned as giant Neolithic calendars.  Nicholas Mann takes these theories to an entirely new level in Avebury Cosmos, combining astroarcheology and anthropology in a fascinating and, in parts, stunning view of the meaning of this extraordinary site.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 6

But my reprieve was only temporary. Gunnar did not sleep at all after having left my chambers, for he was, how shall I say—fit to be tied. My peeved husband burst into Sigurd’s room and shook his brother-in-law awake. Sigurd had spent a miserable night tossing and turning with the agony of having witnessed my marriage, and he had finally fallen asleep with his head buried under the pillows. The son of Sigmund felt no desire to get out of bed the next morning.

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“Conversations with the Goddess”, by Dorothy Atalla

This book is a surprise. It does not fulfil any expectations a reader might have – and this is a good thing. In hybrid ways and by an eclectic combination of personal spiritual encounters, visions of a Goddess past and a Goddess future, and theoretical critiques of texts dealing with the archetypal feminine in a psychological and evolutionary perspective, the book leads the readers to new approaches to the divine feminine.

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I watch the birds, black headed gulls,
rooks and solitary crows,
heads cocked, a momentary lull
in their raucous cacophony.

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Good Mood Alaska Inland Passage

off to alaska again on that magic ship – the ship that seemed to remember me. sun peeking through the fog on the way up, mountains welcoming us on both sides as we come into victoria … after sampling local art, saying hi to mount baker, and watching ravens chasing a bald eagle across the sky – the ship heads out again into the mystic, setting sun over rising fog bank ….

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“Goddess Matters: the mystical, practical and controversial”¸ by Judith Laura

This is a lucid, well-written and engaging book, and a timely one, bringing together many different aspects of the current Goddess movement and doing so in a way that encourages thought and discussion.  I thoroughly enjoyed the reading process and kept wanting to enter into conversation with Judith – to ask a question, agree or argue a point, or discuss further.

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Winter Solstice

Layers of sedimentary stillness are settling quietly between the tinsel,
creating a strong foothold from which to take flight.
Yes – the eagle takes flight and perches at the top of the invader fir tree.

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In Praise of Hera

Feminist scholars have pointed out that Hera’s alliance to the patriarchal Thunder-God – a husband who by most accounts forced himself upon her, taking refuge in her bosom in the shape of a frightened cuckoo before revealing his true form2  has done her no favours, subjugating her to the male deity and distancing her from her origins as an aspect of the all-powerful Mother Goddess.

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Nephthys – Silent Goddess of the Shadows

Take any book of Ancient Egypt and look for Nephthys in the index, more likely than not it will read ‘see Isis and Nephthys’. Why isn’t Nephthys viewed as a goddess in her own right? She doesn’t appear to have been worshiped on her own and there is no evidence for any cult centre or temples dedicated to her.

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Sexy Herbs

Herbs that influence sexual functioning are safe, easy to use, and highly effective. They can improve desire, performance, and frequency for both men and women.

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura