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Avalon in Silk

Painting has always been a passion for me. Colour and pattern are a constant in my work. The process of creating visual dynamics by playing one colour off against another has always intrigued me.  I am constantly fascinated by the juxtaposition of colours from my first psychedelic designs in the 60s to the more muted tones I use at the moment.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 5

The events occurring after Sigurd bid farewell that day have, unfortunately, become part of the legend for which I have been known throughout the ages. It is painful to recount this part of the story, for it is filled with conflict, woe, and misunderstandings.

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Fork in hand, I kneel on my pad
diligently turning the earth.
Loamy soil crumbling between
my fingers, I gently tumble a soft,
protective blanket over precious seeds,

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“The Serpent’s Tale”, by Annabel du Boulay

Annabel’s book is clearly a very personal healing story but she only gives the bare facts of the terrible ordeals she and her daughter Sophia went through. Sophia was born with extreme health difficulties that required years of treatment and surgery. But this story is the wrapping, so to speak for the book and provides only a preface and epilogue. Her daughter’s name and journey symbolise the historic journey of suffering retold in the book.

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Get your Goddess Shine On

Aren’t we all waiting for our time to shine? Waiting for someone of something to notice our inner sparkle? That shining part of us is in their somewhere, waiting for the light to be let out.

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Holiday in the Land of the Moon

The hilled area that forms the thumb-point of modern Tuscany is an ancient land, full of layered cultures that meld and entwine and live into the present. It is a place which holds a concentration of pre-historic cultures. There was a very strong and lasting druidic cult; some even say that many who left Britain during the Roman domination came here.

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Reclaiming Nonna: Forgotten Goddess

On the cliff-top peninsula just outside St Davids lies the ruined chapel of St Non. Here, at this wind-swept sacred place, the sense of the goddess is strong and it was at this place that I began to hear Nonna whisper to me, began to sense her calling me to dream her alive and reclaim her once again from the mists of time in which she has been lost for a thousand years and more. Here I will tell her story.

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Goddess Temple Funerals

Goddess Temple Gifts

Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

Goddess Guided Meditations, by Judith Laura