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Goddess Pages Horoscopes

The July Full Moon is sitting in Capricorn, reflecting the Sun in Cancer, and is known as the Rose Moon or Moon of Claiming;  illuminating your authority and integrity . Cancer is the sign of the Mother and Capricorn the sign of the Father, so the spotlight is on feelings and family.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 4

The night after my arrival at my father’s palace, a great feast was held in my honor. It was quite something to behold by earthly standards. The grand hall was set with fifty long tables and benches, where fiddlers and jugglers walked up and down the aisles. The music was sweet and plaintive, and the guests did not know whether to get up and dance, or sit there and cry. The oak wood of the dining tables sagged under the weight of all the food continually being brought out by young maidens, who were quite beautiful by earthly standards. It was a regal display of abundance.

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“Re-riting Woman: Dianic Wicca and the Feminine Divine” by Kristy S. Coleman

What a fascinating book! As the author, Kristy S. Coleman explains in her Introduction, it is the “first in-depth ethnographic study of Dianic Wicca.” It focuses on the form practiced by the Circle of Aradia (COA) in Los Angeles, mostly in the years that Ruth Barrett was high priestess (1988-2000). Coleman was initiated into COA during her 4-year study (1998-2002) of the group, which she undertook for her doctoral dissertation.

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The four winds bow before her
she rules the moon and tides
the stars that light the evening sky
the morning sun she rides.

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Midsummer sun on raspberry,
the spiced scent of fern, the color of red clover.
There is no better place, no holier ground than this.
And what is near you? What grows by your door?

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Three girls

In the back field above the apple orchard,
fern-scented, the pasture low-cut,
ancient boulders humming distantly at the edges,
we three girls, sixteen, giggled on our backs,
under the cloud-strewn summer sky.

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The vine basket

I come for the wind.
At the high edge of Craggy Mountain I stand,
leaning in and rocking back as the wind rolls upward,
tender jewelweed and high nettles all around,
high ridges beyond and beyond.

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My Church

My church has many doors. I open my front door and I am there. I access my place of worship from the door of a shop, door of my car, door of my neighbours’ house, my friends’ house, even the dentist has a door that leads out into my huge and beautiful church.

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Quench Your Thirst with Herbs

As we slide from summer into autumn, the sun seems hotter and fiercer than ever. And the summer’s heat makes us thirsty. What shall we drink? There are so many choices. Since 2003 the number of new drink products on the market has tripled. How are we supposed to choose the best drinks? Does it even matter?

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The Truthful Bounty of Cerridwen’s Cauldron

Summer is the season of truth. In New England, summer always begins when the sun melts the layer of snow that has given the illusion of our world as a unified and peaceful white landscape, revealing the artifacts of daily life dropped and covered over by each successive storm. The chocolate muffin that fell out of my pocket on the way to work, homework, make-up, keys and more all return and must be disposed of or reintegrated into our lives.

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West Kennet Long Barrow – Womb of the Goddess

Magically standing on a ridge just south of Avebury, West Kennet Long Barrow is one of the most magnificent and oldest of Wiltshire’s ancient monuments. Archaeologist Aubrey Burl described the site as, ‘… the finest megalithic tomb in England and Wales…’ and as such it is included in the Avebury World Heritage Site.

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