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Beth’s Blessing

By the end of 8th grade, Beth was in Confirmation class at Rodof Shalom. At the Conservative synagogue, B’nai, boys were Bar Mitzvahed and now some girls were beginning to have something like it called a Bat Mitzvah except that the girls’ was on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. But at Rodof Shalom, a Reform Temple, they just had Confirmation, which was for both girls and boys. The place where the Services were held, called the sanctuary, was completely different from either of the other two synagogues Beth had been to. It had stained glass windows, dark red upholstered seats, and an organ. The Ark was white with the Shema written in gold above the doors, which parted to reveal the Torahs when the rabbi pressed a button.

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Ancient Breasts

Deep within you, whether you are aware of it or not, is your primal need for breast. It is part of you; it was born with you. It has been with you for millions of years.

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Croning – a personal journey

This April I turned sixty thus achieving cronehood, but I felt my journey began two years before in the summer of 2007, when what is known as my second Saturn return (Crone’s male counterpart) really kicked in; and boy did it kick in! Saturn returns are slow, grinding and thorough re-evaluations of our values and structures, often restrictive and lasting around two years.

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Portals to the Self: A Women’s Circle by the Sea

The night sky is bright with stars and the air is sweet with the smell of the sea. The procession of women makes its way across the land bridge to the temple. The sun rises to greet the Yucatan on the left and Mother Moon says her morning good-byes on the right.
We each make our own private dedications as we step through the portal into the actual temple.  As I close my eyes I can see the ancient Mayan women getting off their boats at what appears to be the ruins of a dock below.  I am drawn to what’s left of a lunar observatory or altar.  One of the women in our group dances at an outcropping, chanting, her beautiful scarves blowing in the wild sea breeze.

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Grieving with the Goddess

When we are mourning the recent loss of a beloved person, animal, object or situation, we often feel like hell.  Frequently we feel that life isn’t worth living any more, that there is no point to life, that we’d rather die, that we’ll never stop feeling as miserable as we currently do, and that we’ll never get over the loss or feel happy again.

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The Nine Nights of the Winter Solstice Hallowing

As a Pagan, Goddess-worshipping witch and priestess, I have over the past thirty years celebrated the Winter Solstice in a variety of ways. As my path evolved, I made appropriate changes and adjustments, but never quite found that which truly felt right. In 2007 however,  I came across a rite for Helios on one of the Hellenistic reconstructionist groups I belong to which provided the inspiration I needed.

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Instant of a Crow Wing

The year is closing down; days die on their feet,
nights are cold and distant with scathing winds
that knife our warmth of certainties, our small
candlepowers of love. In this deep hour

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The Well

The Well of Despair is dark and deep,
its twisting steps are worn and steep,
polished by the ceaseless tread
of those for whom all hope has fled.

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Goddess Matters, by Judith Laura

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