Goddess Pages - Issue 10 "Brighid Walks the Land" - by Helena Nelson-Reed

Helena Nelson-Reed has long been fascinated by myth, fairy tales, legends, and mysticism as well as history, cultures, and spiritual paths different from her own. Born in Seattle, Washington, she grew up in Marin County and Napa Valley, California, but eventually made Illinois her home.  Helena attended the American Academy of Art, studying graphic arts. She returned to university later in life and holds current certificates in family violence, gang psychology, substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, cult and occult duo diagnosis.  Technique and subject matter of both writing and art emerge from life experience, vision, dreams, and an innate love of creating.

Helena’s work is inspired by traditional Native American and Celtic culture, spirituality and myth.  About her imagery, she says: "I'm a simple person. My imagery communicates a personal interpretation of archetype, dream, and life experience.  It flows from the heart, often almost creating itself as I move into and through the work.  Some dimensions are not readily apparent.  I love that beauty exists in nature for no reason at all, and in this spirit sometimes give voice to a vision or dream by painting or writing about it, simply because the act of doing so, the color, and line pleases something within."