Brighid and MeThis is a unique little book detailing how a group of contemporary women and men experience the Goddess Brighid in their daily lives. Each piece is written from the heart, personal, profound and often very brave.

“What about the people who are devoted to Brigit? How do they relate to her, honour her? How did they first discover Brigit … how do they manifest her qualities in their lives?”

For some Brighid has been a living bridge between the received Christianity of youth and the chosen path of later years. Others have heard Brighid’s call through their love of nature, an affinity with swans or have found Her in the landscape, Her presence subtly different from place to place. There are poems and accounts of inspiration, encounters keeping Brighid’s Flame and tending the hearth and home. Some speak of profound healing of body and spirit. Mention of Brighid’s involvement with social justice struck a personal chord; Her ability to aid the forging of alliances and to craft language in order to persuade policy makers.

Contributors have found truth and courage, been inspired by Brighid to weave websites, write books, mount workshops, craft ceremonies, go on pilgrimage, excel in martial arts … been pushed beyond their comfort zone.

A strong thread of connection runs through the personal experience of the writers. Brighid is a communicator and there is a real sense of being part of a worldwide community that “provides friendship, support, insight, tenderness and a place to return to.” A desire to give back some of what has been received through knowing Her.


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