Crone: image and photo by Helen Redman

Watching Roberta Cantow's Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime was so satisfying and filled me with such bittersweet joy.  As a woman whose mother referred to my sacred blood as "being sick," I related.  I cried.  I shouted in agreement. It gave me hope.  I believe this trilogy is MUST VIEWING for women and men everywhere.

This is part of the Goddess story.  This is part of women reconnecting with the Divine Feminine, their blood and their womb.  It helps guide them back to their innate wisdom and body knowing.  It's about women throwing off the disempowering shackles imposed upon them in a male dominated culture.

This is about women having a positive image of themselves, their bodies and cycles. And this is for men too so they might understand this sacredness and begin once again to honor women and the wisdom of their bodies.

This trilogy is part of what should be in our curriculums as women and men re-learn the sacred mysteries and come to embrace the Sacred Feminine. There is nothing else out there like it!

Quickening: sculpture and image by Lynn DewartThis trilogy, each part individually, or as a whole, is a rich and thoughtful tool of empowerment for women as much as it may serve to improve understanding between the genders.   It's these ideas we want to embrace as we rethink and shift our culture into one of wholeness, health and balance.  I feel so strongly about this documentary, I'm going to keep it on my reference shelf and use it in my teaching arsenal.

©Karen Tate

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