All Hail.
Winter has
Discarded her heavy cloak
As Spring adorns herself with colour
Welcome to fertility and growth
Let’s celebrate life
Rebirth and new beginnings
Bring us into the light
Together we gather
The nine sacred woods
To burn in the bonfire
Come join the festival
Love is in the air
Let’s celebrate life

Garlands of flowers
Adorn windows and doors
Sundown beckons us all
Commencing the ritual
Come to the bonfire
shining brightly on the hilltops
Flames dance
reflecting the eyes of the dancers

All Hail.
Dancing around the fire
Tis Beltane night
The fires of Bel
burn brightly
Purify yourselves
Transition into the new
The veil between worlds is thinning
The gossamer thread
betwixt equinox and solstice
is calling for a
blessed way to be
Magic is everywhere
Let’s celebrate life

Dance and dance
Frolic and celebrate
Performing rituals
Of passion and vitality
Let’s feast on cherries and figs
Leaving bannock cakes
for the faery folk
for favours given
While making wishes
for future days.
Let’s celebrate life

All Hail.
Sunrise arrives
A new Beltane day
Rises up to meet you
Gather at dawn
Washing your face in
the early morning dew
bringing health and luck
Welcoming growth and fertility
Dance around the maypole
As brightly coloured
ribbons circle in the sacred breeze
Be at one with Nature
Let’s celebrate life
As spring shows her beauty
We give thanks to the Goddess Flora.

©Maria Duncalf-Barber
April 2008