My beauty of the heart
Touching me so deeply
You are my daily courage
My ever burning inner flame
You give wings to my words
Showing me the beauty of life
You encourage my inner power
To flow gently into the world

My beauty of the heart
Holding me so safely
Your swan wings envelop me
Caressing my inner child
Nurturing her with your blessed love
Healing her in your sacred space
Your wonderful nature softens the pain
By showing me the essence of life

My beauty of the heart
You inspire me every second
Touching my deepest feelings
To be translated into words
You've led me into a magical place
Showed me a glimpse of the other world
Planted a seed of love in my heart
Which may grow in beauty with your blessings

My beauty of the heart
Together we live as one...

Beauty in the heart

©Joyce Bergkotte