Do you call yourself a vegan, a vegetarian, a lacto-vegetarian, a person intolerant of wheat or dairy or citrus or some other food product?  Do you find yourself worrying about what you will eat, how much or how little?  Do you carry around potions and pills to boost your nutrition and count the amount of water you drink each day?  In other words, do you define yourself by what you put in your mouth?

When you go and stay away from home, do you fret about what you will eat, what you will drink?  Is the first thing you say when invited to someone's house 'I don't eat … oh no not for me ...' in utter horror?  Do you read the back of every food packet, maybe with a magnifying glass to make the print legible?  Do you worry about where your food has come from, how it has grown, how it has been treated?

I am sure that there are justifiable reasons for some of these concerns, but do you do the same for other things – clothes, shoes, washing machines, cars, alcohol, drugs?  What is it about food that fascinates and obsesses women?  Why must we get trapped in a cycle of fussing about food?  Of course we all laugh about it being linked to our mothers, while knowing this is probably very true.

The abundance of the Goddess is all around us, the pleasure of eating is so natural and wonderful that it requires no fuss, or pickiness, or unhappiness.  Eat what you want, be kind to yourself, nourish without fuss, enjoy without guilt and without informing the world what you are, or are not eating.  It’s just food, don't make a deity of it.

What are you avoiding looking at by this focus on food?  Do you want physical contact that is not possible for you at present – get a massage, a new hairdo, a facial.  Do you want someone to worry about you and your health?  This can be just a substitute for being first with someone, so put someone else's needs first in your life, other than your food, and you might find that will be your place in their heart as well.

Turn around and look outwards not inwards.  Stop thinking about your digestion and start thinking about the lack of digestion of some of the children of the world.  Do something about that, worry about the nutrition they aren't getting, then food will just become another everyday pleasure, taken for granted, as natural as breathing.

Don't be your stomach, be your heart.