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Wendy Stokes

“Isis Oracle” cards by Alana Fairchild

My favourite oracle deck! We are invited to ‘Awaken the High Priestess Within’ but the card deck can be used by males and females alike. The book has black and white illustrations of the cards, all with wonderful titles, such as “Enter the Chamber of Healing”, “Lady of the Stars”, “Serpent of Fire”, “Temple of Black Obsidian”. Each card has a substantial write-up and offers an in-depth understanding of the card, a practical healing ritual and a poetic incantation.

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“Dreams of Gaia” cards, by Ravynne Phelan

The deck is designed for self awareness communication with the ‘Divine Gaia’, the Great Spirit of the natural world. As you work with the cards, a yes or no andwer is not provided as there are no definitive answers in life. This deck is more about learning about the self and about life itself, and when the cards speak, they provide options and possible solutions. Keeping a journal is suggested for best results.

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“Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy”, by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

This book has been glowingly reviewed and praised by Jean Houston, Barbara G Walker, Zsuzsanna Budapest and many other ‘greats’ of the women’s spirituality movement of our time. I opened it with considerable excitement to drink in it its beauty and riches and enjoy its poetry, delight and magic.

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