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Sue Oxley

The Virgin and the Baths

Lourdes is a very complicated place. In many ways it is the Glastonbury of France, in that the veils are so thin there that it’s not surprising it’s the most famous visionary town in the world. In Lourdes, when you close your eyes, the ease of meditation or prayer is startling. It is like jumping down into a river to reach the Goddess and being carried along towards her on a fast tide.

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“Journey to the Dark Goddess”, by Jane Meredith

Reviewed by Sue Oxley Having participated in one of Jane's workshops, I was so glad to get this book for review.  The workshop had been one of the most powerful experiences of my life, and one which I remember frequently, especially during this dark November month,... read more

“The Dark Man: The shadow that follows us all”, by Deborah Wells

In many ways, this book has much to commend it. The writing is approachable and much of the subject matter interesting. The topic of the Dark Man is not one that is often raised in Goddess or New Age literature and since the mythology of the same is woven throughout Western culture, then maybe a new perspective on it is due.

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Mill Hill

When I was a child
They took us to Mill Hill
Where we ran on the graves,
Shivering at the stones,

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The Goddesses of Time

The beauty of nature is in the circles She creates, the spinning of the galaxies and the twining of the sweet pea, the turning of the seasons and the circle of our lives.  ‘Nature hates a straight line’ my grandmother used to say, ‘probably even more than a full-stop’.

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