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Sheila Rose Bright

Mother Song

Two and a half years ago my mother Jean received a terminal heart diagnosis.  Since that time she & I became very close, as I helped support her to face and to prepare for her death, saying, doing and singing all the things I would want to do if I were able to be present to priestess her death but which was unlikely to happen.  [She did indeed die alone in her own bed, of a heart attack as we expected, at Lammas 2015.]  Of course this led me into preparing myself to lose her.  Mother Song came out of our shared process and my anticipatory grieving last October.  I sang it to her over the phone and recorded it for her.

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Burning Times

Spring Equinox
bursts out
of the warm moist soil
scarlet and daffodils
Eostre’s passion

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Do You Know Where The Moon Is?

The first time my sister Leslie went to Mexico, she asked a local man: “Do you know where the moon is?” He hesitated, then pointed and said: “Sometimes it’s over there.” But it wasn’t – not that week.

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Grieving with the Goddess

When we are mourning the recent loss of a beloved person, animal, object or situation, we often feel like hell.  Frequently we feel that life isn’t worth living any more, that there is no point to life, that we’d rather die, that we’ll never stop feeling as miserable as we currently do, and that we’ll never get over the loss or feel happy again.

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Moon and Sun/Earth Calendars

I cannot let Jacqui Woodward-Smith’s reference to ‘our patriarchal solar calendar’ (GP9, Reviews) pass without comment.  To my mind there is nothing patriarchal about using a solar calendar, only about ignoring the moon.  And you’ve given me the ideal opening to leap up onto several of my favourite soapboxes, Jacqui!

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