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Rachael Clyne

Thirteen Women in Search of Wild

The land did not make it easy for us to love her; she made us work for her beauty. We had to face our disappointment and frustration at finding the moors enclosed, fenced off. She made us feel the anguish of the forestry battlegrounds that surrounded us, our rage at being hemmed in and the grief of knowing that it was we who had put up the fences, who had demanded the trees, so systematically slaughtered.

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Croning – a personal journey

This April I turned sixty thus achieving cronehood, but I felt my journey began two years before in the summer of 2007, when what is known as my second Saturn return (Crone’s male counterpart) really kicked in; and boy did it kick in! Saturn returns are slow, grinding and thorough re-evaluations of our values and structures, often restrictive and lasting around two years.

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Lammas 2007

Finding myself
standing apart
with a scythe in my hand
its weight keenly balanced

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Through sticky eyelids
She peeps
at Winter breath
draping the trees
mist-wet grass

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Tour of Malta and Gozo, with Koko (Glastonbury) and Anna (Madrid), June 2011

Tour of Malta and Gozo, with Koko (Glastonbury) and Anna (Madrid), June 2011

These tiny islands are home to some of the most ancient temples. Between 3-5,000 years old, all are dedicated to and built in the shape of the Great Mother. Their curvy shapes are beautifully executed in the honeyed limestone that is the islands’ foundation.

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