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Rachael Clyne

Explore Your Presence on the Island

A red watering can   rests
in the greenhouse          cobalt bounces
off its plastic roof.

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Other Mother

She’s the matrix
the Creatrix
the Dark Mater

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“Divine Women”

Like many of us goddess lovers, I awaited this programme with bated breath. I have always enjoyed the ever-popular Bettany Hughes’ views on ancient history, especially her programmes about Minoan civilisation. I guess like many, I felt glad that at least the topic has been raised for public opinion, whilst left frustrated at the inevitable skating over surfaces and sound-bite mentions of whole swathes of civilisation.

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“Gaia Emerging – Goddess Beliefs and Practices in Australia” by Patricia Rose and Tricia Szirom

Whether or not you are Australian this small book is packed with information. It is also a source of useful questions about the history and nature of emerging Goddess spirituality and has certainly set me thinking. One of the things I like about the book is that it is well organised, leading you systematically through an account of global as well as local experience of Goddess spirituality.

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Six Women in Search of the Goddess in Crete

It was back in 1986 when, grappling with lack of sense of myself as feminine, that I first visited Crete. I barely knew the word Goddess, but as I stepped from the aeroplane She swept me up with loving warmth and into a journey of discovery and profound past connection with Her. If you want to experience Goddess culture you cannot do better than Minoan Crete.

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