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Penn Kemp



We two skalds sit together side by
each, looking out over centuries.

We watch the stirred pot settle till
murky situations sweetly clarify of

their own accord, attuned to an old
rhythm whose resonance is our song.

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Calling on Persephone, by Penn Kemp

Calling on Persephone, by Penn Kemp

Blessed be the lost ones, those who
left, in our opinion, too soon, whose
time, they say, had come. Blessed

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For Tara

Goddess of Compassion and Wisdom, I need to recall,
reclaim you, invite you to return to my heart. Come back
to my heart, Love, where you are home. There’s room.

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The Tale and Trial of Tailtu

Here’s to Tailtu, foster mother to deity Lugh
whose day Lammas is. Tailtu prepared Ireland
for cultivation, clearcut demolishing all forest

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Purple spikes rampant now. Cliché bounds
garden gnomes.  We drink somewhat musty 

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