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Mary Frankland

“Seven Sacred Sites: Magical Journeys That Will Change Your Life” and “A Magical Journey: Your Diary of Inspiration, Adventure and Transformation”, by Serene Conneeley

These are truly unique books, each in their own way a guide to the inner self.  A Magical Journey is a slim volume, but has much useful information from phases of the moon to popular festivals from several cultures and religions.  In the latter, you will find everything from Goddess festivals to the Celtic tree calendar.  However, most of the book is a journal for you to complete yourself – your life story.  As the author says, “(A journal) allows you to explore your psyche, and is a valuable tool of self-expressions, self-discovery and self-knowledge.” Every other page of the journal has a wise quotation from politicians, poets and philosophers.

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Brigantia’s Land: Sacred Sites in the North of England

Around the world, there is a cry of joy: “the Goddess is returning!”  I believe that here in the north of England, She never went away but was hidden for a while in one of her secret places.  In this article, I hope to take you on an armchair tour of some sites which are or may have been associated with Her.

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Black Madonnas

These statues or paintings are usually described by the Roman Catholic authorities as images of the Blessed Virgin Mary depicted with a dark or black skin.

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