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Mari P Ziolkowski PhD

Celtic Warrior Queens Cartimandua and Boudicca: Guidance for Women Today?

Cartimandua and Boudicca – two women leaders living in what we now call the British Isles in CE 40 or so – one a Brigante tribal queen, the other a warrior leader of the Iceni.  Both were confronted with the Roman invasion of their homelands.  Both women had to make tough decisions about how best to protect their people.  What do their decisions have to say to women today who continue to find themselves living in a male-dominated society?

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Good Mood Alaska Inland Passage

off to alaska again on that magic ship – the ship that seemed to remember me. sun peeking through the fog on the way up, mountains welcoming us on both sides as we come into victoria … after sampling local art, saying hi to mount baker, and watching ravens chasing a bald eagle across the sky – the ship heads out again into the mystic, setting sun over rising fog bank ….

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Meditating in the cremation grounds?

well, we were not exactly in the cremation grounds, as we were all westerners living in a large west coast city, and the closest we could get to cremation grounds was outside a columbarium* … however, at my impetus, there we were.

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The Return of the Yogini – Part 1

The term ‘yogini’ has several meanings, according to Miranda Shaw. She states that the term can mean a female practitioner of yoga, or ritual arts, a female being with magical powers, or a type of female deity.1 Though I am interested in all of the above, in this paper I will focus on the human female adept, guru or yogini.

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