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Leona Graham-Elen

Goddess, Come

In these days when the gods of a merely recent past
Stir from their graves
Jehovah Jesus and Mohammad
Watching their devotees
Descendants of the desert fathers
Pray for Armageddon
As they battle out old patriarchal feuds

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Hoar Frost: Winter in the Era of Climate Change

Summer was worryingly long, Autumn too, Winter finally
Came down with fog and hoar frost, coating spider webs
Trees bushes flowers houses rocks everything indiscriminately
Even the screaming cat next door finds a way to stay in
Lest she be immortalized into further furry bitterness

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The Call of Isis

Q: Goddess of Old, whence, whereto do You call The Querent?

A: Down Paths of The Unforgettable,
Beyond dreary tomes and tombs
Of modern day macabre.

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