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Laura Slowe

“Goddess Consciousness: Women’s Mysticism and Sacred Arts”, by Marlaina Donato

Marlaina’s style of writing is friendly and approachable, assuming no prior knowledge or experience in the sacred feminine. She uses a conversational tone, which gives an aura of having her in the room with you as you read. This is much more than just a “how-to” book, it is an introductory guide that reads like a one to one conversation with a mentor. Each chapter is laid out clearly, and every section of reading has an interactive portion – be it a meditation, recipe or visualization. This is a book that wants you to stop reading it and to involve yourself in the learning process.

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“Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to re-shape our world”, edited by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

Upon receiving my copy of this book, I was incredibly excited and a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of inspiring conversation I was holding in my hand. In the course of a decade of radio interviews, Karen Tate has covered a whole host of topics and spoken with an eclectic roster of people. By collating these interactions into one edition, she has provided anyone interested in Goddess spirituality with a book which will awaken the imagination and provide inspiration for daily life.

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