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Kirsten Brunsgaard Clausen

The Scandinavian Cailleach – The”Kælling/Kärring”(1)

November. A new year has just begun. The harvest is happily stored. Mother Earth will give no more. The dancing colours of summer are gone. Frost has nipped off the head of all living things. Finally winter! Everything sleeps – from the tiny insect to the big bear. Skeletons of trees stretch out their branches, black and bare. Gray are the heavy clouds, white the frozen ground. Silence. Death … then suddenly – a blood-curdling shriekcuts through the air.

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Brighid’s Runes in Sweden: The Völva and the Sun

It is the 2nd of February. Icy cold. The earth is frozen deep. The landscape black, white, grey. No life. The world is dreaming, still and deep. Cailleach, the Wise Mother, has reigned throughout the winter – now even Her time has come. On every hearth the fire is put out, the last glow cooling to coal and ashes. Silence.

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