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Jacqui Woodward-Smith

Moon Diary, Address Book, and Wall Chart 2007

In a world dominated by a linear solar calendar it can be deeply healing and balancing to attune to the moon and Moon Diary products help us to do just that; each one is a beautiful work of art in its own right and together they provide reminder of our link to the moon which we can carry with us all the time.

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And Bessie Sang the Wind

On Brinkies Brae, tumble-stone ocean,
Tips her head to listen deep
Smells the sea spray, breathes her magic
Silent spells her secrets keep

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Grief like Horses (for dad)

Cold autumn pavements carry mourning,
your whispered voice drifts on the breeze,
but I can’t catch the words you send me,
like dying leaves lost to the trees.

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Earth Pathways 2009, We’Moon ’09, and We’Moon on the Wall 2009

I was not aware of the new Earth Pathways diary until several people described it to me as the ‘British We’Moon’. I have been buying the We’Moon diaries for many years so I was intrigued to find out what Earth Pathways was all about. I will begin by saying that Earth Pathways is not the ‘British We’Moon’ and if you buy it thinking that it will be you may be very disappointed. Nevertheless Earth Pathways is both a beautiful idea and a beautiful diary and should be enjoyed on those grounds alone.

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Inanna Day at the British Museum: 12th May 2007

Organised by the Department of the Middle East, and hosted by the irrepressible and ever-amusing Dr Irving Finkel, Inanna Day at the British Museum was a joy from beginning to end, combining academic research, beautiful objects, humour, and the always lovely feeling that we who celebrate the Goddess may not be so far out of the mainstream as we often think. I certainly recognised many people in the full auditorium!

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