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Jacqui Woodward-Smith

Rosie Elflain: Soul Music (CD)

Rosie began to write songs following her self-initiation as a Priestess of Avalon in 2003 and ‘Soul Music’ is the culmination of that wellspring of creativity. The cover of the CD is adorned with beautiful butterflies in flight and is a perfect symbol of the transformative power that the Goddess can have in our lives, unleashing our creativity and giving us the confidence to share it with others, as Rosie has here.

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Mother Song

My bloodline dreamed you into being
A thousand mothers in my wake
My womb a cradle waiting for you
To enter in, your choice to take

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In Your Dreams, Amelia Earhart

You sit in faded armchair crumpled like a fallen leaf
Half sleeping to the distant babble of Neighbours, Casualty, Eastenders
A Catherine Cookson novel unopened by your side…

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Death and Other Love Songs: On Midwifing the Death of My Father

I thought long and hard about whether to write this article; death is such an intimate, personal thing that I thought perhaps it would be a betrayal of my father, who I loved more dearly than I can ever say. And yet, when I think about the days and months before his death, about the honesty, openness, dignity, and humour with which he approached his final moment I know that he would say that it was ok.

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“Daughters of the Earth”, by Cheryl Straffon

‘Daughters of the Earth’ is the latest offering from the prolific Cheryl Straffon, editor of ‘Goddess Alive!’ and ‘Meyn Mamvro’ magazines and author of books such as ‘The Earth Goddess’ and ‘Pagan Cornwall – Land of the Goddess’. This new offering is a wonderful addition to these, pulling together many of the ideas contained within them and bringing fresh insight and understanding.

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