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Helen Carmichael

The Goddess in the fast lane

The first time our fingers touched it was like butterflies – profound. I was busy crawling towards something, a new job…or something irretrievably forgotten on the shopping list in my jacket pocket in the lockers that sweat behind the fake palm trees near the lifeguard.

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Another year

Spring sister
hare woman
light bringer
life grow
seed sow

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Serendipity and sound forms

I’d like to say that I had mapped and planned my presence at an afternoon in the company of two Canadian poets celebrating Earth Day and Canada’s National Poetry Month here in Vancouver, sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets.  But in reality I discovered it online with barely enough time to leap in my car and race to the venue, leaving a trail of half-baked childcare arrangements and birthday party pickup plans in my wake.

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She stands on the horizon

She stands on the horizon
hope for civilization
or blight,
modern construction

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