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Grannie Burton

Be Kind to Yourself: Stop Worrying About Your Stomach

Do you call yourself a vegan, a vegetarian, a lacto-vegetarian, a person intolerant of wheat or dairy or citrus or some other food product?  Do you find yourself worrying about what you will eat, how much or how little?  Do you carry around potions and pills to boost your nutrition and count the amount of water you drink each day?  In other words, do you define yourself by what you put in your mouth?

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Demeter and the Barley Cakes

The great Mysteries at Eleusis are one of the most astonishing stories in human history, because they are still mysterious in so many ways.  It seems that over two thousand years of initiation for both men and women, young and old, rich and poor, no-one ever talked about what happened in the Rites.

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Grannie Burton and the Feather Cloak

Many years ago I had the idea of making a swan feather cloak using hessian as the base material and tying in feathers with invisible thread. I bought the hessian, the easy bit, and then wandered around trying to find swan feathers.

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