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Glenys Livingstone

Re-Visioning Mythologies of Gender/Sex

“Gender” might be described as “one’s perception of oneself” as being either female or male, and “sex” as “the physical appearance of one’s body” as either female or male1. The “sex” of a body is commonly understood necessarily to be able to fall into one or the other designation, and if it does not then life, within many cultures, is almost certain to be traumatic for the being involved.

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Celebrating the Triple Spiral: a PaGaian Cosmology

The Triple Spiral of ‘Newgrange’ – as the place is commonly known – in Ireland, is just one motif amongst a whole collection of art that represents the first major Western European art tradition since the Ice Age.1

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Making Sacred: Space For The Not-Yet

As the Wheel turns into Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the Seasonal Moment of Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere. For those in the planet’s South, Earth’s tilt is delivering the post-Summer Solstice welcoming of the new Dark, the first harvest celebration.

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