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Geraldine Charles

Review: “Healing Through the Goddess”, by Lynne Sedgmore, illustrated by Susie Jones

This anthology of poems and other works expresses Lynne’s own journey round the wheel of the year and her own growth into a Priestess Healer in so many ways – from Beginnings, which describes the feelings and re-membering as everyone comes together for the first time, to the final Invocation, calling in the Motherworld. Between these two are works that both evoke the call of the Goddess and praise Her. In Returning, we see the beauty of Her return to the land:

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An Interview with Julie Felix

Julie Felix has been a very welcome fixture at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference for at least seventeen years but I’ve been a fan of her music since the 1960s, so couldn’t wait to interview her for Goddess Pages.

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“The language of Ma the primal mother: The evolution of the female image in 40,000 years of global Venus Art” by Annine van der Meer

“Venus” is the operative word here – the name was originally given to those figurines dating from the Palaeolithic, the vast majority of which portray women.  In the early days of such finds they were, perhaps ironically, named “Venuses”, as many would be considered most unattractive by more modern Western standards.  Or perhaps it was because of the often exaggerated sexual or fertility characteristics, but in either case the name tells us more about the archaeologists of the time than it does the figurines themselves, not to mention that the assumption seems to have been that the figurines were made by men, for their use and enjoyment, and certainly not by women, for their own purposes.

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“Crow Moon”, by Anna McKerrow

Goddess Pages readers will know Anna McKerrow as a poet (see her “Aphrodite”, and “Sea Mysteries”), and she has now written this exciting and magical novel for young adults.

Set in a disturbingly not-very far-distant future, Britain is suffering the effects of a worldwide lack of resources and energy, and is at war to try and secure supplies.  However, the south-west peninsula, basically Devon and Cornwall, has split off and is trying to be self-sufficient and non-polluting, in stark contrast to the rest of the country. 

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Goddess Temple Weddings – an Interview

Until quite recently, if you wanted anything but a standard Church of England wedding in the UK, you were out of luck unless the registrar could also come along, and even then only if the building were recognised for marriages. In many churches and other recognised... read more