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Clarise Samuels

Loving Brynhild – Part 7

The brutality of humans after having descended to the lowest depths of their animal souls far surpassed anything Odin could have foretold. The coarse and indecent aspect of human nature was a flaw in the works, an oversight, a divine miscalculation. Wild animals roared, pounced, and tore living creatures apart limb by limb in order to feast on raw meat and drip with fresh blood without remorse, without reflection, and without contrition.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 6

But my reprieve was only temporary. Gunnar did not sleep at all after having left my chambers, for he was, how shall I say—fit to be tied. My peeved husband burst into Sigurd’s room and shook his brother-in-law awake. Sigurd had spent a miserable night tossing and turning with the agony of having witnessed my marriage, and he had finally fallen asleep with his head buried under the pillows. The son of Sigmund felt no desire to get out of bed the next morning.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 5

The events occurring after Sigurd bid farewell that day have, unfortunately, become part of the legend for which I have been known throughout the ages. It is painful to recount this part of the story, for it is filled with conflict, woe, and misunderstandings.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 4

The night after my arrival at my father’s palace, a great feast was held in my honor. It was quite something to behold by earthly standards. The grand hall was set with fifty long tables and benches, where fiddlers and jugglers walked up and down the aisles. The music was sweet and plaintive, and the guests did not know whether to get up and dance, or sit there and cry. The oak wood of the dining tables sagged under the weight of all the food continually being brought out by young maidens, who were quite beautiful by earthly standards. It was a regal display of abundance.

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Loving Brynhild – Part 3

Now that I was awake and Sigurd was quickly becoming smitten with me, he was still not quite sure how to proceed.

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