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Brian Charles

Savage Breast

When I first heard of Tim Ward’s book, my immediate reaction was hostility. For a long time, I had been talking about MY BOOK – which was in my eyes going to be the definitive work about men and the goddess. But Tim had got there first. So I was not going to read him. So there!!!
Then I was asked to write this review.

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The Messianic Delusion

A propeller-driven aircraft flies above the clouds as, below on the ground, a city prepares. Thus is the opening shot of Leni Riefenstahl’s account of the 1934 Nuremberg rally “Triumph of the Will”. It lands. And from then on, all is focussed on the passenger on that plane, Adolf Hitler, as he makes his triumphal entry into Nuremberg. He is shown as an approachable, if somewhat physically unimposing, man who chats affably to all as women hold their babies up for him to bless. He has descended like Jesus from the heavens, and all are looking to him to heal their wounds – both collective and individual. There is no hint in all this of the chaos and ruin – the madness and industrialised murder that lies ahead – all is flowers and traditional costume.

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