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Barbara Barnett

Meditations on 21 Women – Part 2

This is a continuation of the article I started in the Autumn edition of Goddess Pages, on “21 Women”, a chapter in ‘Awakening Osiris’ by Normandi Ellis. In the Autumn edition I worked with the first ten of the women, seeking to learn more about them by allocating to each a path on the tree of life and a crystal correspondence. In this second part of the article I will work with the remaining eleven women.

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Meditations on 21 Women – Part 1

I was studying ‘Awakening Osiris’ by Normandi Ellis. This is a new translation of the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’ an ancient classical writing of western spirituality. In the 21st century the world seems to be moving at a very fast pace and we struggle to keep up. It is easy, in this situation, to lose sight of our spiritual origin or to forget the close connections there are between the natural world and the spiritual world.

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