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Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill

“Silbury Hill”, by Peter Greenhalf

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Diana, by Gillian Booth

While living in the USA in the seventies I discovered an old art form which consisted of painting on shelf fungi (ganoderma applanatum, which grow to a very large size in the forests of the Eastern US). The oldest example I saw was of naive art dated 1890 so I knew... read more

Brighid Walks the Land

Issue 10, Spring 2009 Brighid Walks the Land - by Helena Nelson-Reed Helena Nelson-Reed has long been fascinated by myth, fairy tales, legends, and mysticism as well as history, cultures, and spiritual paths different from her own. Born in Seattle, Washington, she... read more

Demeter’s Story of Spring

My body struggles to unfreeze from the frozen wastelands of winter, as the snowdrops open fully to the still-freezing north winds.

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Earth Air Water Fire – by Sophia Breillat

This issue's cover image is by Sophia Breillat, a writer, artist and astrologer. Named Earth Air Water Fire the painting is from Sophia's "Glimpses of Nature" gallery, in which she writes about this image: Earth giving sustenance and fertility Air giving lightness of... read more