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Alex Chaloner

Breathing Goddess: Visions of Burnmoor – A Sacred Site of Cumbria

It seems that many people who have a love of the Goddess also have a love for the ancient cultures and sites upon which She was worshiped and venerated. We don’t have to go too far on these fair isles to come across circles of stone and earth, spirals carved into rock and natural pools and hills sacred to the Goddess.

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Goddess Conference 2009 – Journeying with the Fires

On the morning of Wednesday 29th July I purposefully set off from my home in West Yorkshire at sunrise to mark the beginning of my journey to Somerset to celebrate the many aspects of the Sunfire Goddess, the theme for this year’s Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

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Brigantia is …..

Deep drum rumble.
Life spark tumble.
Hard rock stumble.
Slow dance fumble.

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Goddesses of the Seven Rays – An Invocation

The esoteric philosophy of Helena Blavatsky and Alice A Bailey both advocated the idea of the seven rays. These mysterious rays have been described as “seven great divine Emanations, Aeons or Spirits”1 and “Seven Holy Ones, self-born from the inherent power in the Matrix of Mother Substance.”2 It is said that each ray holds a unique quality which manifests in the universe and throughout all of creation.

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Every Woman a Priestess

There have always been Priestesses. A Priestess is one who serves. In Goddess Spirituality, very simply put, a Priestess is one who serves the Goddess.

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