Astro Moon Diary 2015

Astro Moon Diary 2015This vibrantly colourful Northern Hemisphere diary is a great size for carrying about and at 17.5cm x 13cm (7" x 5") and 200 pages it fits into all but the smallest of bags. It is light at 250gms, and the spiral binding enables the diary to be opened out flat for easy access to both the stunning pictures and information pages as well as the week-to-view diary. I particularly find the spiral binding helpful when writing in diary entries. The diary has ample room for writing appointments and schedules and I liked the Mon-Friday on one page with information or a picture and Sat/sun on the opposite page. This layout allows for clear differentiation between weekdays and weekends, at a glance. The diary comes with a comprehensive section on how to use the diary, which I found useful as I am not well versed in astrology. Throughout the year astronomical information is provided, with stunningly detailed colourful illustrations and each month starts with beautiful illustrations of the phases of the moon, information on the night sky and planets this month, which I found insightful, inspiring and informative. In addition, the diary has gorgeous seasonal information and illustrations for the wheel of the year, namely Imbolc, Spring Equinox. Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox, Samhain and Winter Solstice. Some seasonal celebrations have blank notes pages afterwards to allow for reflections and insights. An illustrated page on Feast Foods provides further knowledge and insights on traditions associated with that festival and season. At the end of the diary is a month-to-view overview of the moon's phases, with enough space to write in significant dates and with the new and full moons clearly identified-excellent for planning full moon activities! For those au fait with Ephemeris (Planet's position at noon GMT) this information is provided at the back of the diary for each month. With plenty of information, luxurious and striking illustrations, a week-to view diary and blank notes pages the Astro Moon Diary 2015 feels full of detail but with enough space to use as an appointment diary, with space for some brief reflective notes. At £12.99 it represents both a good value for money and excellent quality diary and I would recommend you check it out before deciding on the all important diary choice for 2015.

Astro Seasons and Cycles Calendar 2015

Astro Seasons and Cycles Calendar 2015This sturdy good quality calendar in UK time zones is the first edition of the lunar seasons and cycles calendar. At 24.5cm x 24.5cm it is a good size for any wall, although slightly smaller than the standard 29.5 x 29.5 calendars. The calendar also has introductory information on the solar and fire festivals. Each month has exquisite imagery with information about the season and planets. Below each vibrant illustration is the monthly calendar with amply sized squares allocated for each day, showing the moon's phases and planetary information but allowing for enough space to write in your daily appointments. The calendar is printed on thick silky paper, which will withstand the passage of time and use throughout the year. The new and full moon dates are clearly identified for each month. On months with a festival additional information is given, for example February has an information paragraph on Imbolc. This feature compliments the diary well, and provides useful consistency between the two. Furthermore, the calendar features information on eclipses, when they are and where they will be visible from; for example September 2015 will have both a partial solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse, as well as having information on the Autumn Equinox. The illustrations for each month are large enough to feature aspects associated with the nature evident in that season, for example hares in March, bluebells and an almost hidden Green Man in May. Trees on each illustration reflect the season, as indeed do the colours, with vibrant colours for summer and warm browns for autumn. This acts as a subtle reminder of the characteristics and features associated with that month and time of year, which I found particularly pleasing. Once again the calendar manages to combine abundant information and detail with a practical and useable calendar with ample space to write on. At £11.99 it is both good value and excellent quality, and will appeal to a wide audience. I will be looking forward to the year ahead using both the diary and calendar.

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